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Are you a natural singer, but until now you never had a chance to prove it? Do you want to become a professional singer, but you just canít find a suitable song? Did you make a potential hit, but you didnít find a producer?

Then youíve come to the right person!

Just send me your demo as an e-mail attachment. Make sure it is formatted (saved) as mp3 and the file size isnít larger than 4MB.

Incase you donít have an original composition of your own choose an existing song which best fits your voice and adequately shows the quality of your voice.

As a rule slow and up-tempo songs are ideal. You can also specify which style or genre of music you are most comfortable with such as Pop, Dance, etcÖ

If your music is already online just send me the link(s) and/or address of your website.

I also invite/encourage DJs and Bands/Groups to contact me as well.

I hope to hear/see you soon!

Musical greetings
Stano Simor